Anyone who loves decorated nails has certainly taken a risk with French nails. In addition to being a classic that never goes out of style, it has gained new modern and very fun versions. Check out 15 different options to adhere to this technique and 4 tutorials to test at home.


What is a french nail?

The main characteristic of the francesinha nail is a line made on the tips of the nail, usually using a different enamel from the base. This makes the design stand out and can be applied in a variety of ways. The term francesinha is used, as it is believed that it was a Portuguese who created this design, being inspired by a famous French sandwich, called croque-monsieur.

15 types of french nails for you to test the diversity of the trend

If you already love this decoration, discover other types of francesinha to have nail design ideas for the coming weeks:

1. White Frenchie

This is the most traditional model of francesinha. It has an almost transparent base and a straight white line in a stronger tone. It is ideal for everyday use, as its wild tones match different looks. There’s no mistake!

2. Short Frenchie

Anyone who thinks they need to have very long nails to do the francesinha is wrong. On shorter nails, she looks charming. It’s a great option to bring a little more volume and attention to your nails.

3. Oval Frenchie

How about getting away from the traditional and making an oval line at the base of the francesinha? It looks beautiful on stiletto nails , but it can also be done on any nail shape. It’s a fun proposal that makes the francesinha more cool and can be made with different colors.

4. Straight Frenchie

If you want a more elegant and serious nail style, the straight line is the perfect choice. A great option is to reproduce this style by combining the matte base with a glossy francesinha. It gains even more prominence and is a luxury!

5. Frenchie in V

The francesinha in V, or tie, is ideal for those who like geometric designs. In addition to being bold in the format, you can also paint the lines using two different colors. It’s all about fun and casual looks.

6. Diagonal Frenchie

To build a modern look, diagonal stroke is a great choice. It will only be applied to half of the nail and there are no rules regarding a color pattern to be used. Just unleash your creativity, as in this photo proposal.

7. Francesinha with glitter

Want to shine without overdoing it? Bet on francesinha with glitter. It brings that special touch, but without exaggerating the decor. It’s a great choice for a special occasion or a night out party.

8. Frenchie smile

Do you already know the smile francesinha nail? It has this name because of the circular lower shape, which alludes to a smile. It is a good combination for square nails. There’s no way not to be happy with such a beautiful design, is there?


9. Colored Frenchie

The colorful francesinha suits women of all ages. It makes any basic nail more attractive and looks even cooler with different colors. If you can never decide which color to use, know that you can select several of them!

10. Neon Francesinha

If the intention is to attract attention, the neon francesinha is the ideal choice. With its vibrant tones, there’s no way she can go unnoticed. It is no wonder that she has become a worldwide trend among fashion bloggers. After all, neon makes any production more stylish.

11. Decorated Francesinhas

It is possible to unleash creativity in decorated francesinhas . To achieve this look, bet on irregular shapes, different designs and colors that stand out. This decoration can be made with toothpick, rhinestones, animal print and much more. Just play nail design!

12. Reverse Frenchie

The reverse or inverted francesinha has become a trend on the manicure table. Its proposal is to trace the bottom of the nail and not the ends, as is traditionally done. Capriche in the cuticle and play in this style!

13. Double Frenchie

How about uniting the traditional with the new in a double francesinha? Don’t skimp on the lines and make a design at the tip and another at the bottom of the nail. The result is very fun, as shown in the photo model.

14. Abstract Francesinha

Breaking patterns is the main rule for abstract francesinha. You can make a nail with each different shape and innovate in the traits. To achieve a really cool effect, bet on curves and rounded lines. You can even decorate and leave this nail design a true work of art.

15. Leaked Frenchie

Usually the francesinha is made with the tip of the enamel brush, making the line fill. Here, the proposal is to create the lines of the francesinha, but without filling the interior. This leaked version is synonymous with a lot of style!

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With so many cool ideas, francesinha will be present on your nails, regardless of the chosen format. And if you already want to put any of these versions into practic

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