For fans of decorated nails full of romanticism, nail art with flowers fits like a glove. A trend that has already conquered the world of celebrities, the decoration also invaded the Instagram of the most tuned girls, who love to share the images of their fingertips on the social network. Do you want to go all in on the trend too? Check out a gallery of over 30 inspiring flower nail art photos. 🌺

Classic decorations look great with flowers

Among the oldest – and most loved – nail arts, flower nails go hand in hand with those decorated with francesinhas, inglesinhas and half-moon. And to make them perfect for events that call for more romantic looks, nothing better than combining the tiny flowers with lighter nail polishes, such as milky white or nude. To make the fingertips even more irresistible, the tip is to combine the more discreet flowers with other classic nail arts, such as francesinha,

Flowers all over the nail make the look much lusher

For the passionate about flowers, though, why not explore the design on every nail? The tip is to choose an intense color to cover the entire length of the nails and a second contrasting color to create the flowers, which this time can gain larger and more striking versions.

Nail art only child can also win a floral decoration

As for girls who like more discreet nail arts, the perfect inspiration can come from the one-child decor. In this case, it is worth betting on a color of nail polish to serve as a base, appearing on all nails. On the tip of the finger chosen to win the only daughter, the tip is to apply slightly darker tones, to create the flowers with contrast.

Mixing different elements makes floral nail art more fun

When it comes to making your nails much more fun, the floral decorated nail can appear combined with many other elements. Polka dots, stripes, and even the application of shiny pebbles can boost your nails with flowers, even more, migrating from romantic nail art to ultra-modern.

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