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valentine's day nails

Changing the season always inspires us and encourages us to research new trends, renew our looks and also our nail inspirations. Who hasn’t found themselves looking for nail art ideas for the winter once the temperatures have dropped? Since we are experiencing…

Getting the Most Out of Gel Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions are one of the most popular and beloved ways to get longer and stronger nails today. While each length and shape gives us a lot of possibilities in the nail department, sometimes the goal is just to add long, durable…

Nail Art: 11 Designs for Toenails

Get happy feet with these nail art ideas for feet that are approved by women around the world. Looking for some nail art ideas for your toenails? We’ve separated some inspirations, from bold and beautiful to elegantly discreet for you to…

 10 Easy Nail Art Designers To Recreate At Home

Finding easy nail designs to recreate at home is actually not so easy. Going on a single shade of nail polish without going through every cuticle, let alone delivering any kind of nail art design, is certainly a struggle that any average person…

33 Photos Of Nails With Flowers To Inspire You

valentine's day nails

For fans of decorated nails full of romanticism, nail art with flowers fits like a glove. A trend that has already conquered the world of celebrities, the decoration also invaded the Instagram of the most tuned girls, who love to…

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