Fake nails or what are known as fake nails are now becoming a trend. Many people take advantage of it at important moments, such as official events to weddings.

Fake nails were popular in 1970. Previously, dentist Maxwell Lape innovated by making fake nails. At that time the goal was to cover the nails of his client who likes to bite his nails. The idea of ​​fake nails has been successfully implemented until now.

Usually, women use fake nails when they come to important events such as parties, fashion shows, and so on.

Not only that, but many of them also wear it at precious moments such as engagement, pre-wedding to weddings. Fake nails have apparently become the perfect complement to their fashion.

Now there are many creative people who can beautify fake nails according to their respective tastes.

There are those who like pastel colors, so they are not too flashy when worn. But there are also those who prefer flashy colors such as red, yellow, or black so that when worn, people’s attention is immediately drawn to the fake nails.

In addition to color, there are models who like abstract models, and floral models, to the point where they are full of pearly knick-knacks.

Beautify Your Fingers With Fake Nails

Fake nails are proven to make nails look more beautiful instantly. Here are the facts about fake nails:

  • Easy to install yourself

These fake nails are quite practical and easy to install yourself at home. However, in order to keep it beautiful and durable, you need to pay attention to the steps when gluing it.

Like one example, from choosing the right glue, trimming the nails first, to adjusting the length of the false nails as desired.

  • Easy to remove

If you use fake nails, the process of removing them is easier, faster and can be done yourself.

You can compress your nails with acetone, or soak your fingers in soapy water for about 10-15 minutes. Both acetone and soapy water will soften the glue, making it easier to remove.

To avoid damage to your nails, fake nails made of acrylicgel , or silk materials must be removed by an expert and are not recommended to be removed by yourself.

  • Reusable

These fake nails are reusable, you only need to buy them once, but you can use them for several moments. Because these fake nails can be removed very easily.

You can put it on when you want to go to an event that you think you need to wear. Then after that you can take it off when you are relaxed at home. And you can do that repeatedly, without having to buy fake nails every time there is a moment.

  • Safe and minimal side effects

These self-installed fake nails are very safe and have minimal side effects. The reason is minimal chemicals and only attached with the help of glue.

Meanwhile, other types of false nails, such as acrylicgel or silk nails that must be installed in beauty salons have more negative effects that can occur on nails. Starting from nail damage, bacterial or fungal infections, and chemical allergies to interfere with nail growth

  • Various designs

The appearance of nail polish can usually only be 1 color, but not with fake nails. The reason is, these fake nails can be drawn and colored according to taste. In 1 fake nails, you can mix colors according to your taste.

Apart from the design, the shape of these fake nails also varies, some are long and sharp, some are oval or square. You can choose the shape you like.

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