Matte nail polish is in fashion and is used by women with very different opinions – love it or hate it.

This great controversy for nails happens because instead of staying in the traditional models with those nail polishes with a glossy finish, the matte nail polish already offers a dull look with a matte effect on the nails.

But, it is exactly this matte and lackluster effect that gives all the charm to this nail polish. And to show that it is possible to have beautiful nails adhering to this trend, we separate tips on colors and nail polish brands that will win your heart.

I particularly love this matte effect on the nails, I think it gives a chic and very different look to the nails, but you can’t be afraid to take a risk and get out of the sameness that traditional nail polishes offer.

See below for several inspirations with matte nail polishes.

if you have a favorite color and would like to make it matte, use this foundation as it is perfect for making glossy polishes matte.


So, have you ever used this matte coverage version? Liked? If you haven’t used it yet, take the test and see how it offers a lot of elegance for your nails. Share this unique idea with your friends and your manicurist.

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