The neon nail is the trend of the year, but making them is not as easy as it sounds. If you love a new design but think it might be too much for you, check out some simpler designs.

There is no doubt that one of the biggest trends these days is neon . From full outfits in these stunning hues to just a dash of color, neon is one of those trends that can really make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Of course, it’s also very difficult to fully embrace him in an elegant and beautiful way, especially when you’re not 15 anymore, lol…

But don’t worry, there are simple ways to try out this bright, eye-catching trend without risking your fashion reputation, and nails are definitely a great way to create them.

These ideas are not just fascinating; most of them are quite easy to make, so you won’t have to pay a lot of money to add these dazzling colors to your manicure.

Check out the neon nails we’ve separated for you.

nude + neon

neon nude nails
(Photo: Pinterest/Reproduction)

An easy way to embrace neon without going too far is to mix them with a neutral tone to create some contrast. Naturally, nude colors can be perfect not only for contrasting neon, but also for creating a balance with your skin color. There are many designs that follow this composition, so you can add as much or as little color as you like.


neon nails
(Photo: @tanechknails / Reproduction instagram)

While the nude/neon combination is already subtle, you can always make it less flashy. A few dots on your neutral base, making a very thin tip line with neon color, or adding a few lines can create a very interesting and sophisticated nail design that can go with basically any outfit and style.

neon outline

neon nails
(Photo: @jessicawashick / Reproduction Instagram)

The best part about contour designs is that they can go from very subtle strokes on the edges of the nails to really intricate designs; it all depends on how crazy or subtle you want your nails to look. You can mix neon colors to outline the nail, add some strokes at the tips and side of the cuticle, or even add a base color to create a cartoon effect.


neon gradient
(Photo: @zack_pn_/Instagram/Reproduction)

Gradient nails have been super trendy over the last few years and what better way to embrace it than adding a pop of color and light with neon tones. Gradient nails can look intimidating, especially to do it yourself, but they’re actually pretty easy to achieve.

You’ll just need a basic makeup sponge (the triangular ones you sell at drugstores) and a white foundation for a brighter effect. Rub the sponge onto the colors and press them onto the nail like a stamp. Tap it to your desired shade, add a sheer finish, and you’re ready to rock.

Francesinha Neon

neon francesinha
(Photo: @unhadelicada_/Instagram/Reproduction)

French nails can look quite sophisticated, but it’s not the late 90s, early 2000s, so ditch the old-fashioned white tips and add some vibrant neons! Also, if you really want to update this trend, you can create different shapes instead of the classic straight line; try triangular or even rounded tips and you will see an immediate difference.

Matte + Neon Nails

matte nails
Neon matte nails / pinterest

It might seem strange to think of a matte finish for such bright, vibrant colors, but to be honest, this is my favorite design on the entire list. The matte finish maintains the intensity of the colors but adds a softness to them that makes them different and so elegant. If you can’t find the perfect neon color with this finish, you can always get it by applying a coat of mattifying nail polish or even dipping your freshly painted nail in cornstarch.

Decorations with drawings

decorated neon nails 1
(Photo: Pinterest / Reproduction )
decorated neon nails
(Photo: Pinterest / Reproduction )

If you’re a talented person (unlike me), you can always be a little more creative and go above and beyond. Tribal patterns with just a hint of neon can look really amazing or even adding some figures and designs can make your nails look like you just walked out of the nail salon. If you don’t have that talent, you can also use some nail stickers and add some neon to them.

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