We are here with the easiest nail art models that you can easily make at home with your own nail polishes!

Colorful, patterned, and fun nail art is one of our favorite things to do. We love to save every nail art model we see on social media and try it with our own nail polishes at home. You can have fun and colorful nails thanks to practical nail art suggestions that you can do at home. It’s not hard at all to do those perfect manicures you see on Instagram. You can catch the eyes of your friends with nail arts that you can do with nail polish patterns. If you’re ready, here we go! Here are nail art ideas you can do at home!

What is nail art?

Nail art is the name given to various patterns and ornaments made on nails with different nail polish colors. Nail art, Nail decoration and nail design, is a methods frequently used by those who want their hands to look well-groomed, fun and extraordinary. So how is nail art done?

The nail art trend, whose popularity has been increasing recently, can be done both in nail art salons and at home. You can have nail art with permanent nail polish and gel nail options, or you can easily make nail art with your own nail polish at home.

How is nail art done?

You can get nail art sets and nail art brushes sold in beauty markets. Before you buy nail art sets, you can try practical nail art models with wire buckles, toothpicks and tapes that we all have at home. In this guide we have prepared, we have brought together the most creative and beautiful nail art models at home! 

How should you start doing nail art?

In the first step, you have to get your nails ready for nail art. For this, first, give your nails the nail shape you want with a file, then apply a base nail polish to strengthen your nails. Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polish Some of our favorite base coat nail polishes with its formula that strengthens the nails and hardens the soft nails. Then, you can easily make any nail plus you can think of with toothpicks, makeup sponges, wire clips and tape that you can easily find at home!

The easiest nail art models

1- Smiley – Smiley face nail art model

The smiley icon, that is, the smiley face, is one of the rising trends of recent times. The smiley pattern, which is frequently seen in clothes and accessories, also shows itself on the nails.

Transparent, yellow, and black nail polishes you need to make smiley nail plus . After applying the clear nail polish, you can draw round shapes on your nails with yellow nail polish, then add eyes and mouth shapes with black nail polish with the help of toothpicks.

2- Nail art model with nail sticks

One of the easiest ways to do nail art is to use nail sticks. You can apply nail stickers, which you can easily find in cosmetic stores or online shopping sites, on the color nail polish you want. For a simpler and cooler look, our favorite is to apply it on a nude-colored nail polish. To make the nail stickers permanent, you can apply a top coat of nail polish.


3- Reverse french nail art model

One of the most popular nail art recently is the reverse french style. You can use any color nail polish for reverse french nail art , but if you ask us, colors like burgundy and black give a much more striking result. All you have to do is stick a round tape on the nail base and remove it after applying.

4- Flower nail art model

Floral patterned nail art always gives energy and vitality. To achieve this look, you can first apply opaque white nail polish, then draw flower shapes with different vibrant colored nail polishes. You can get help from a toothpick while putting tiny dots. You can easily make this nail art look at home by making a flower pattern on all your nails or a few nails if you wish.

5- Color french manicure model

French manicure will never lose its popularity, yes, but sometimes you need to color it! Therefore, instead of white french nail polish, you can combine different and vibrant colors. You can get a more striking effect by choosing contrasting colors for colored french manicure models. We will see colorful french nail art made with phosphorescent nail polish on nude nail polish very often this year!

6- Polka dot nail art model

Polka dot nail art models have always been very cute, and they are also extremely easy to make. To get this nail art shape, choose two different nail polish colors and apply them to your nails. Then apply the other color to your nails in dots with the help of a wire buckle. Don’t forget to apply top coat nail polish in the last step to increase permanence and get a more flawless look.


7- Glitter nail art model

If you like glitter, you should definitely try nail art with glitter and metallic nail polishes. After applying a certain color nail polish to all your nails, you can apply metallic or glitter nail polish only to the nails of the ring finger. Another option is to apply glitter nail polish to the nail tips.


8- Ombre nail art model

9- Geometric nail art model

Geometric nail art models always add extraordinary and original air. In this nail art model, which you can do very easily at home, after applying transparent nail polish to your nails, creativity is completely up to you. You can apply these shapes very easily with the help of toothpicks, tape, and wire buckle. You can get more creative nail art by making a different geometric shape for each nail.

10- Daisy nail art model

If you consider yourself a beginner in nail art, you should start with easy nail art looks. The daisy patterns you will draw on the nail tips will both add a completely different atmosphere to your nails and increase your self-confidence thanks to its practical application.

To get the daisy nail art look, you can first draw the petals with a toothpick and a white opaque nail polish, and you can make the core of the daisy with the help of yellow nail polish and a wire buckle.

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