Along with the bold color choices, especially long, almond-shaped nails are very fashionable this summer. You can use almond nails, which are obtained by sharpening the long oval nails slightly towards the tip, with any color. While neon oranges and vibrant corals were in fashion last year, you may want to choose softer oranges this year. You can also have glamorous nails along with nail art. Eye-catching graphic shapes and nails painted with different colors continue to be in fashion this year, just like last year.

This summer, those who like glittery and glittery nail polishes will also be able to use the nails they want. Moreover, you do not need to be afraid of missing too much when applying glitter nail polishes. Because even the experts in this business do not hesitate to use a lot of glitters. Of course, if you don’t like the look of glitter and glitter, you can give your nails painted in nude colors a little sparkle, and you can even add color to your nails by using nail glitter in different colors.

When we look at the nail polish colors of the summer of 2022, we see that metallic colors are still in fashion. Moreover, you can combine metallic colors with all kinds of clothes and styles. In addition, using metallic nail polish on special occasions has been frequently preferred recently. Especially if you do not like to use accessories or find it difficult to find suitable accessories, you can complete your combination without the need for accessories, thanks to metallic nail polishes.

Let’s take a look at the other colors that are in fashion this summer.

  • The yellow colors are stunning.

We seem to be seeing yellows in different tones on nails this summer. Although yellow is thought to be a bold color choice, we are sure that you will love it once you start applying it. If you are hesitant to try the yellow color on all your nails at once, you can try to get used to it by applying different colors on each nail or by applying yellow nail polish on one or two of your nails while trying nude tones.

  • Black and white complement each other.

If colored nail polishes are not for you, you can try the models in which black and white nail polishes are used together. There are different ways to use black and white nail polish together. It is possible to get an energetic look by drawing zigzags on your nails with these two colors. Or if you like plaid patterns, black and white can create a very nice image.

  • Simple nails never go out of style.

There are also manicure options for those who do not like assertive nails. You can try minimalist patterns on nails without nail polish or just polished nails. You don’t need to be a professional for this. You can buy nail polish in the colors you want, for example, a black nail polish, and make small shapes on your nails.

  • If you want to attract attention, the color red is for you.

For those who want to look more classic and assertive, red is always an option. Because red never goes out of fashion. Often described as the color of passion, red is a color that looks good on any long or short model nail. If you like darker colors, you can also try dark red or burgundy tones.

  • We will see white nail polish on nails this summer.

The white color symbolizes innocence. For this reason, it is one of the preferred colors when a wedding dress is worn.   But this summer, that rule changed and white becomes an option for everyone. You can try using white nail polishes, especially in cream tones. Even if you find this color too plain, you can apply another color to the tip of your nails and get a more striking look.

  • One coat of nail polish for more natural-looking nails.

An interesting style that you may not have heard of until now is in fashion this year. Normally, we apply 2 or even 3 coats to make the nail polish look good. However, this summer, on the contrary, a single coat of nail polish is preferred so that the nail can be seen under the nail polish. The reason for applying a single layer is to obtain a more natural appearance. If you want to make such an application, you can try colors such as neon yellow, green and red.

  • Nails like rainbows are eye catching.

If you are tired of painting all your nails in one color, rainbow nails are just for you. As we have seen a lot on social media this year, it has become fashionable to paint each of the nails in different colors. If you like the layout, you can paint the nails on both hands mutually the same color, so you will need five different colors of nail polish for this. But if you want to try something crazier, you can also paint each one a different color.

  • Dark nail polishes never go out of fashion.

Although we talk about the fact that colored nail polishes are frequently preferred this year, dark colors never go out of fashion. Especially dark blue and green nail polishes are among the most preferred colors. In addition to these colors, black nail polish continues to be the number one choice of those who want to look noble and elegant.